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Whilst you're here, I have a few personal recommendations for you if you are, like me, a coffee and sleep lover!

Having tried numerous coffee making methods over the years, instant, premium instant, Moka pot and cafetierre to name a few, I have recently fallen in love with the simplicity of use and, more importantly, the style and quality of coffee produced by the Aeropress invented by the design geniuses at Aerobie (yes, the frisbee people!).

Of course, the quality of the coffee that comes out of the Aeropress is only as good as the quality of the coffee you put in!

If you are after a bit of an ethically sourced premium coffee adventure, I can heartily recommend the good people at PACT.

Sign up for one of their plans at their website. Click on the logo below to be whisked straight there and get £5 off your first order!


Another of my favourite past-times is sleeping. I recently decided it was time to upgrade my 17-year old sprung mattress which was beginning to shows its age!

Having done my research, I decided to give Casper's 100 night risk-free trial a go. At the time of writing I'm about 30 days in and my decision is made...it's staying!

If you'd like to give one of their mattresses a test drive, whilst getting £50 off the asking price, click the logo below. You won't regre....zzzzz.