How it works 2013

The emphasis is on keeping it simple and low-maintenance. You pick your team, make up to 3 transfers (if you want to!) at the 3 designated transfer windows during the season, and with a bit of skill and lot of luck, you sit back and rake in the money!!
Team Selection
The format is pretty much the same as most years, 11 players, you can pick either a 1-4-4-2 or 1-4-3-3 formation. Team value must not exceed £50m.
Transfer Windows
There will be 3 transfer windows, with up to 3 transfers allowed per window, at the end of October, January and March respectively. Actual transfer window deadline dates will be notified as they approach.
The new season kicks off on Saturday 18th August 2012, therefore the deadline for getting your team entered is 17:30 on Friday 17th August 2012.
Prize Fund
Entry fee will be just £20 (a bargain at the equivalent of £2 a month over 10 months!), payable as a £20 one-off payment  prior to the season start, preferably by internet banking, or alternatively via PayPal using the facility on the website...please note there is a 90p surcharge to cover Paypal admin fees if you use this method of payment.
Bank account details will be provided closer to the start of the season!
The prize fund details will be finalised once we have any idea of the number of people taking part. There will be monthly and season prizes as in previous seasons. If we can attract around 50-60 people to take part, then we should be able to keep the monthly and season prizes roughly in line with last seasons:
The prize fund will first be divided into two with 60% of the fund being allocated to the monthly prizes, and 40% being allocated to the overall season prizes. Those two pots will then be divided as follows:
Monthly Season
Winner 50% 40%
Runner-up 30% 30%
Third 20% 20%

Total 100% 100%

These percentages will be applied to whatever the total prize fund ends up being, when that is known, and we will advise actual monetary prize details once we are able to.
Points are based on the Daily Telegraph Fantasy Football competition and are scored as follows:
Points will be awarded in all FA Premier League and FA Cup matches featuring a Premier League team played from Saturday, August 18, 2012 until and including the final matches, scheduled for Sunday, May 19, 2013. Abandoned matches: points scored from abandoned matches will not count towards any scoring in the Competition.
Points will be awarded and deducted per match as follows:
All Players:
+2 Pts - Player featured in starting XI
+1 Pt - Substitute appearance
+5 Pts - Goal scored (including penalty shoot-outs)
+3 Pts - Key Contribution (including own goals)
-3 Pts - Sent off
-1 Pt - Yellow card  (2 yellow cards leading to a red card will count -3)
-3 Pts - Own goal
-2 Pts - Missed penalty (including penalty shoot-outs)
For defenders and goalkeepers only:
+4 Pts - Clean sheet (players completing full match only)
+2 Pts - Clean sheet (players completing part of a match only)
Defenders and goalkeepers will lose their clean sheet bonus conceding one goal and will lose 1 point for every additional goal conceded during their appearance. (excluding penalty shoot-outs)
For goalkeepers only:
+5 Pts - Penalty save (including penalty shoot-outs) (for these points to be awarded the goalkeeper must have prevented the penalty from being scored with some part of his body).

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